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Fringed Bleeding Heart

This song is by She Keeps Bees and appears on the album Minisink Hotel (2006).

Keep your chest close and hollow
The beating give new ways to rest to your father
Who needs his rest

Let him sing and dance through your vocals chords
Let him do his own two step
Give him what robbed him when a child was born

Childhood swingset torn and replaced
With cedar chip mats that allow for
Abusing ways kids can act

Scraped up and beaten threads inside the wounds
That mean more when victory she comes along
Feel less when you have won

Chains that effect more than what was bargained for
She is now scared to death to be alone
Pushed into this bleak acceptance

These are her child's eyes gathering spirits
To wait for his funeral
Not worthy of the name he calls his wife

So walk on
You never let them see your face
No longer will I hold the breath of disgrace
We'll shake off the fear like an afternoon rain
With grey skies we'll stand
Daddy, give me your hand

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