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All Or None/Dark Horse

This song is by She Keeps Bees and appears on the album Dig On (2011).

She thinks like she's 18
Child needs appeasing
Why can't I help her?
Why can't I help her to leave?
Can you feel him?
His hands around your throat
You're looking both ways standing in the middle of the road
Can you tell me what it is you think you need?
Just a friend, probably
Mirrored my mother
I mirrored the fear
Mirrored the daughters
I mirrored what gives in
Sick of the soup you're feeding me
Sick of the guilty genes
I'm sick of the dirty looks
I'm sick of how the truth hurts
If you wanna know
True love it's all or none
All or none
All or none
Wailing my soaked eyes
Running through my hands
A pound of blood I can feel it
Feel it burn the shirt off my chest
I am wailing with my tight fists
Oh if I see you ride in
On a dark horse
You may paint him white but he's still a dark horse
Dark horse
Dark horse

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