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​Urethral Orificial Sodomy

This song is by She's Gore and appears on the split album Siamese Brutalism Assault!! (2005) by various artists.

Rusty Drill straight to moisten clit
Torturing inside urinary orifice
Vacuum cleaner sucking in and fixed
Purulent piss, my tongue licked...
She groaned with esctasy
Pleasure of sodomy
Carpenter's drilling orgy
In and out bloody pussy!..
Fingering in piss hole
Spread wide to tear
Aroma of sweat and smegma
My lips and tongue vibrating against her cunt...
She hang me in cellar
Lick and suck my glan penis
Feel good every time her tongue come inside urethrae...
My drill is in her hand
Noisy metal come closer
Suddenly she insert it
In my urethral orifice...
Aggressive whirling of rusty metal
My dick brutally bleed
Genital flesh splash like grinded meat
Fall around my feet...
She take it out and suck my gory stick.
She take it inside and enjoy my scream.
Deeper, Deeper, Deeper and deeper...
My dick brutally bleed...
Deeper, Deeper, Deeper and deeper...
Genital flesh splash like grinded meat