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I Cant Say

This song is by Shaye and appears on the album Lake Of Fire (2006).

I never has a love that I believed in
Maybe once but that was a long time ago
And ever since I thought well really do I need it?
I got my friends I got my car I get my love on the radio
So here I am all dreamy in the daytime
It's the third time I've talked to you today
And what's more I could talk to you forever
And never mind the place the time I just let it drift away
I can't say how much I'm going to miss you
I can't say you're mine and only mine
I can't say how long you're going to want me
But I hope it's going to be a long long time
I never knew a love to last forever
I never had a hope that didn't get betrayed
I never wished on stars that I'd see falling
Shooting stars were only rocks

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