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Dubbs, 50S, 100S

This song is by Shawty Lo.

(feat. Parlae)


[Shawty Lo]
Dubbs, 50's...

[Shawty Lo]
Dubbs, 50's, Hundas (no change!) [x5]

[Shawty Lo]
Ya stankin' bitches! Dey say dey love me
Bitch I love y'all too
First 'night stand make it do what it do
Lo dat, Lo dat, go on and take a feel
This, this, this definition of real
A-Town, Bankhead, my streets
The real OG's can vouche for me
Skintight, Fat Steve, Big D
Even Cueball loved the streets

[Shawty Lo]
Dubbs, 50's, Hundas (no change!) [x4]


I'm blowin' hundred like the cameras on the cake hoe
Cuz I'm addin' Arm & Hammer on my cake hoe
I'm gettin' hundreds and hundreds and hundreds
I'm in the trap screamin' money, mo money, mo money
And I'm the motha fuckin' hustleman
I hold the pot and work the phone with my other hand
I got the j's at my window like brotherman
Cuz I hit the pot like I got a couple hands
Ay, I got a rubberband bank boy
From makin' plays on them thousand gram cakes boy
Dubbs, 50's and 100's
Got me throwin' up money like I'm sick to my stomach

[Shawty Lo]
Dubbs, 50's, Hundas (no change!) [x4]

[Shawty Lo]
I ride, I die
For the M-O-N-E-Y
Westside, eastside
Northside, southside
Nigga, M-O-N-E-Y
We ride, we die
For the M-O-N-E-Y!

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