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Golden Flower

This song is by Shawn Phillips and appears on the album Do You Wonder (1975).


The golden flower of a love that is blooming
Makes me believe that something, somewhere is looming
The sounds of morning intermingling our living
In evening laughter is the stillness of giving

The silver showers of life in its crystal form
Don't have to be forlorn
Go on and know you're born now,
Make peace inside and you will watch as the days they go by

She took my hand and led me down to the water,
I kissed her lips and never since have I faltered,
They come between us shadows of human failing
Then pass like clouds before the wind's bitter wailing

The understanding in explicit simplicity
Comes to you blindingly, never you mindingly how
It makes its changes and yet nothing is changed
You're enthralled

The mind and heart they should be one thing together
We're born and die but they will go on forever
Our fear of being hurt and hurting is finally
The only constant in our scope of reality

In tears of sadness we call on our fellow clan
Explain if you think you can, I am but just a man now,
We're being guided we can look to ourselves for the way
We're being guided we can look to ourselves for the way

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