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From All Of Us

This song is by Shawn Phillips and appears on the album Spaced (1977).


Woke me up this mornin' and the light was pourin' down
A million tiny suns on the sea below the town
Mountain growin' high in the sky before my eyes
People movin' 'round and I can hear the babies' cries

Got a lotta living all of us, 'cause that's all there is to do
Got a lotta love in all of us, I think you know it's true
Got a lotta lovin', I wanna make love with you

As I look towards the distant line that I can see
A storm is passing by the clouds are riding high and free
I hear the far off thunder and I see the slanting rain
The lightning forming visions on the vast and moving main

But it's going away from where we are
But it'll come another day
Goin' away from where we are
But when it comes we'll know the way
Goin' away from where we are today, NOW

This very moment we got the time and we got the space
Everybody knows that this is the place
This is the place that we got to face
I think you do intend to leave your trace
And if you do intend to help yourself
I'll do everything I can to help
Call me I'm going by
From all of us to all of you, we give you merry cheer
We try to bring you hope in every year
And everything is going back to where it all began
All returning to the mind of man
People bein' people as we are
We could love without the fear
People bein' people as we are
We keep it up from year to year
People bein' people gonna from there to here

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