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All The Kings And Castles

This song is by Shawn Phillips and appears on the album Bright White (1973).


If all the kings and castles in the world are becoming one
We'll ride in the light of God's desires
And live in their house of none
Conceived with the eyes of total love
Live in the heart of everyone in love

And those that are there can find us
And those that are not won't bind us
For we cannot believe in the madness of your kindness
And do you believe in changes
And the way that the Lord arranges?
Are we going to fight Him every step of the way?

And small steps make a distance
And I know your love reminiscence
But the fact of the matter remains that we have to change
And changes are the best way we can learn to be
I see it in the fields and the forests
And the colors in the rippling sea
And in the ponds of stagnant water
From the lack of running free

And peace is just a state of being
It can come from letting love inside
Filling you with warmth and calmness
It's all that we can do is try
And share it in the human circle
And learn that there is no miracle in love

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