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Not This Time

This song is by Shawn Pander and appears on the album Memories 4 Sale (2006).

One more goodbye
One more stupid fight
One more day of
Nothing going right
And this can last
All night

One more breakup
One more runaround
And I can't find love
I can't find myself
Because my head
Hangs down

Then all
This ends in time
And on
I'll move along
And on I'll sing
If love really lives
Then show your face
'Cause I'm in
A time of need
And I can't go on
Living like this
Whoa no, whoa no
Not this time

One more late night
One more place to hide
One more drink sir
'Cause I've got fear inside
So I'll slow my mind

And one more day gone
One more day alone
I can't find love
Well love can't find a home
In these lonely bones

But then all
This ends in time
And on, I'll move along
And on I'll sing

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