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The 10 Mack Commandments

This song is by Shawn Lov.

(Shawn Lov talking)
Ha Ha Ha what's up? This is the lord of the living room in the house
And I dedicate this song to all the Herbs and Stanleys in the world

It's the 10 Mack Commandments
The 10 Mack Commandments
It's the 10 Mack Commandments

Yo, my name is Shawn Lov and I prefer to date honeys
From eighteen all the way to late twenties
If your game is weak or you have bad luck
Goin' through a dry spell or just plain stuck
Don't get your jockies all up in a bunch
I know you're a loser but I got a hunch
That with this list I made and a pat on the back
You'll be coppin' phone numbers in no time flat
One - spend time out in the sun
Without a tan you can't be the man
See chicks don't dig a guy whos so damn pale
He looks like he spent a year locked under a jail
Two - Keep your mouth closed when you chew
There's nothin' more rude than displayin' your food
Three - approach every lady you see
Don't assume that there's better if you haven't even met her
Even if she's wearin' a soiled maroon sweater
She could be a queen of the skies and I'ma get her
Four - pour, then order some more
Till she's so drunk she could fall on the floor
Don't even try to score but next time you date her
Point out the fact you didn't take advantage of her later
Five - lie, make up stories
You made a cameo in 'License To Drive'
And later on did a line in a bar with both Coreys
Six - never talk about other chicks
Seven - call yourself Robert, or Kevin or Jake
Any name just as long as it's fake
Nothin' works better than givin' her an alias
Instead of gettin' harassed by a woman who you barely kissed
Eight - get ass on the third date
Waste anymore time and she isn't a dime
You might as well just propose and go hunt for food
While she's pregnant gatherin' food and sewin' your clothes
Nine - only drink wine
If you must have a beer make sure it's imported
If not she'll think your broke ass just couldn't afford it
10 - always carry a pen
You'll never know when you'll bump into anybody again
And not to be acidic, but I've met some of the hottest women in my life
Waitin' on line at the clinic
Now, it's time to go
Good luck scoopin'
This is a pact gentlemen, tell me who's in
Get it together, don't act like you know me
If you look like you got your haircut with a Flowbie
If you're still confused about what a Pro be
I got the number of somebody that your ass can go see

It's the 10 Mack Commandments
It's the 10 Mack Commandments
It's the 10 Mack Commandments

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