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What's Wrong With This World

This song is by Shaun Groves and appears on the album White Flag (2005).

Throw your stones at silver screens
Faces on magazines
Burn my rock 'n' roll
Blame my schools, my ADD
My mom, my MTV
Curse my chromosomes

I'm what's wrong with
This world; I'm bent
Warped and wicked
I am weak
My heart's twisted
Torn and tempted
This world is not what's wrong with me
I'm what's wrong with this world
What's wrong with this world

Put my finger in the chest
Of those who should know best
But made the worst of things
Baby booms and presidents
Boy bands and communists
Everyone but me

I don't need your
Help to be this
Devilish and dark
I confessed I
Made this mess while
Using just my heart
Change my heart
My heart is

Change my heart God
Change my heart God
Change my heart yeah