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This song is by Shatterpoint and appears on the album Consequences (2004).

(Music: Drake, Lyrics: Drake/Zeeman)

Hate returns and my life is hell again
In descent on this downwards spiral
Truth hurts so on this I depend
In vein of a hollow idol
Darkness and nothingness
Has brought to its revival
A world of empty dreams
In search of survival

(Solo: Wright)

Freedom - from the hell I call home
Anger - I tear from my flesh from my bones
Hatred - now that everything's gone
Despair - I've been down for too long

I've been down too long
Now I'm losing control
Where has time gone
How did I lose my soul

Same old lies have me coming back again
Nothing's changed but my life has crumbled
Time has come to face my problem
My heart is gone it has been sold
The end is here must deny my hunger
This is my chance I must not fold
Must be strong and not give in

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