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All That Matters

This song is by Shattered Realm and appears on the album From Dead End Blocks Where Life Means Nothing (2005).

When did knuckles and tattoos
Make you the fucking man?
When did hardcore turn into
Something you could ever throw away?
Does this seem like something
That you can take away from me?
This is all I fucking got
No one will tell me how to be

Came from nothing, and without this I would be nothing
- All that I know
Where would I be / Without my friends / And this hardcore scene
- All I live for

Can't thank my friends enough for showing me the way
Through the dark days when the weight of the world rested upon me
Can't think of how my life would be without hardcore
To steer from the long nights on the dead end block where life means nothing

Been through it all and there's no place I'd rather be
All that I know
No matter what
They try
To say
I know why I'm here
All I live for

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