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Frailty (Of The Righteous One)

This song is by Shatter Messiah and appears on the album Never To Play The Servant (2006).

Your terminal righteousness
Is the reason that you fall
Tear at your skin as I peel it back
Tear out your life as I butcher you
This sin on my skin is yours
And I will wipe it clean
Transform your death into my life
Transform your life into misery

Deny me my hate
Deny me the pain
Deny that I am your God
Your destruction reborn
Unify my disease
Showing the purist way
Disappointed and deceived
I am the righteous one

Feel the life inside your death
Red and ugly just like me
Silence the screams inside my head
Silence that comes from you
Your final breath is death
As you're begging for mercy
For the hand of God is the hate in me
From hate if God is the rage in me
Now I purify my Christ
With the slaughter of you
Worship my hate as I rip you flesh
Worship my God as I bring you death

Everything that I touch, dies by my hand
Everything that I fear, dies for my God
Everything that I hate, personified in you
Everything that I see, I destroy
I am the righteous one

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