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Drinking Joy, Bitter Loss

This song is by Shatter Messiah and appears on the album Never To Play The Servant (2006).

When the ending comes for me
Can I welcome oblivion's kiss
Will I embrace my own death
Can it bring me the peace that I crave
Sweet salvation I beg of you
Disconnect my eyes
To drift away from my mind
Soulless, empty and dissolute
Aware of the end that kisses my face
And takes away my pain
Touch me, oblivion
As the memories fade

As I change from life to death
And I pass away from the pain
Will I know your face
Or remember your name
What will the memories bring
- Peace and harmony?
Will I forget the sorrow
And the bitter regret?
Do not weep for me
As I transcend the flesh
To move beyond the hell
That I left for you

Nothing but pain is paid for
By blood and tears and sacrifice
The dark closes in
And my destiny descends
Velvet enfolds
To smother my soul
Pushing my mortality away
How will I die
What will the meanings be to my life
With the future untold

I may drink from tears of joy
But will I only taste the bitter loss

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