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Let's Get Married

This song is by Shastasheen.

The quiet life I've lived isn't so quiet anymore
I've kept my heart on lockdown; now I'm opening the door
Please say you'll be my only
You'll never leave me lonely
Let's get married

The life of being single just didn't suit my style
Cryin' and alone; I've been alone for quite a while
Please say that you'll believe me
Please say you'll never leave me
Let's get married


I'm on my knees and serious, please, can you let me in?
I'm tired of wasting time waiting for my life to begin
Please say you are the ending
My chance for a new beginning
Let's get married

So wear this white dress and just strike the band, my love
We'll dance until the day swallows the night, my love
Please say you'll kiss me, baby
That you will love me, baby
Let's get married
Let's get married
Let's get married

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