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The Dap Dip

This song is by Sharon Jones & The Dap-Kings and appears on the album Dap Dippin' With Sharon Jones and the Dap-Kings (2002).

Hey, Band
What, Mickey
Did you hear about the new epidemic going around
Every man, woman, and child is catching it
It's spreading from town to town
It's called the dap dip
And they say you get it in your pants

Oh hell, Mickey
That ain't no epidemic
That's a brand new dance

Don't be too shy
Baby push it to the know how
Everybody gather round
And let me show how

It ain't no thing
But a drop of the hip
Just put some soul in it
You're doing the dap dip
Dap it, y'all

Walk around
All proud and tall y'all
Like you ain't got no care
In the world at all, y'all

Once you got that feeling
You just can't snip it
Just come on with it
Funky town
Dap dip it
Now dap it
Now dap it, y'all

Just let yourself go
On this funky, funky trip
You do it, you know
You're doing the dap dip

They're doing it out in 'Frisco baby
Down it in Atlanta, Georgia, too
Philadelphia, PA, dap dip it
Just as good as me and you
Yeah they're doing it
All across the nation
Up in New York City
Even in the Bugaloo, dap dip
'Cross the nation, y'all

Dap Dip
Dap Dip
Dap Dip
Dap Dip