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Fish In The Dish

This song is by Sharon Jones & The Dap-Kings and appears on the album Naturally (2005).

I've got a fish in my dish
And I'm feelin' fine
I've got a fish in my dish
And I know it's mine

I remember when an old man said
Fish tastes better when it's fresh off the line
But I can tell you that it tastes even better
When I know that the line was mine (line was mine)

You can take me down to Restaurant Row
Serve me salmon in a champagne wine
Ain't nothin' better baby you can buy me
That tastes as good as when the line was mine (line was mine)

Yeah, talkin' 'bout some fresh broiled fish, fish you catch yourself by your own two hands. Nothin' tastes better than that fish. Till you've had some, you don't know what you're missin'.

I said I got a fish (chorus)

Well, ain't nothin' like your own, and eatin' the fish you just caught fresh that day -nothing tastes better -than your own fish yeah, haha tastes good now just get the fork in it just -cut it open and -mmmm yeah
I got fish -in my dish and I know it's mine yeah
I got fish layin' right there in my dish and it's mine, it's mine it's mine, yeah.


Written by:

Bosco Mann

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