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Shades Of... (2000)Edit

Shape Of Despair - Shades Of...
Shades Of...
  1. ...In The Mist
  2. Woundheir
  3. Down Into The Stream
  4. Shadowed Dreams
  5. Sylvan-Night

Angels Of Distress (2001)Edit

Shape Of Despair - Angels of Distress
Angels of Distress
  1. Fallen
  2. Angels Of Distress
  3. Quiet These Paintings Are
  4. ...To Live For My Death...
  5. Night's Dew

Illusion's Play (2004)Edit

Shape Of Despair - Illusion's play
Illusion's Play
  1. Sleep Mirrored
  2. Still-motion
  3. Entwined in Misery
  4. Curse life
  5. Fragile Emptiness
  6. Illusion's Play

Shape Of Despair (2008)Edit

Shape Of Despair - Shape of Despair
Shape Of Despair
  1. Sleeping Murder
  2. Night's Dew
  3. Sylvan-Night
  4. Quiet These Paintings Are Outro
  5. To Adorn
  6. Shadowed Dreams
  7. In The Mist

Other SongsEdit

  1. Live For My Death...
  2. Dawn Into The Stream
  3. Still-Motion

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