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Wax Dreams

This song is by Shannon Murray and appears on the album Shannon Murray (2002).

I loved you yesterday,
But today it's just slipped away
And tomorrow may be a maybe.

'Cause in this world there can be no promises.
Still we try, we try in vain
Saying things we know can't be
Oh just to ease the pain.

And I said I'd love you forever,
And you said the same.
Now we lie in our separate beds,
And we cry the nights away.

They filled me with the American Dream:
Some rich man's clever scheme.
Because rich is rich and poor is poor,
A never ending theme

'Cause in this world there can be no promises,
Still you lie right to my face.
Saying things you know can't be
Just to keep me in my place.

And you say I can be anything,
But you forget the rest.
That only a lucky few
Will ever pass your test.

You say I should just relax.
Build my dreams out of pretty wax,
While you hold the sun
Behind your back.

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