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Somebody Save Me

This song is by Shannon Murray and appears on the album Scream (2004).

His father died at the age of 80

And he was just a little boy of three

His momma, she was still a young lady

So she got down on her knees

Crying won't somebody save me

She'd settle for less just to be able

To keep the banker from foreclosing on the farm

And old prince charming didn't like children

So she took her only son into her arms

Crying won't somebody save me

She carried him all the way into the town

Took him to the place where children go

When they have nowhere else to go

She said oh please won't you take me baby

Then she turned to face the cold October snow

Crying won't somebody save me

And when he was 12 years old he just ran away

Working on the railroad

Working in the coal mine

Saving childhood for another day

And when he was seventeen he joined the army

Oh and Vietnam would bring him to his knees

Crying won't somebody save me

So I grew up nit knowing my grandpa

Because that little boy grew up to be an angry old man

They say you can't know someone until you have walked in their shoes

I don't know much, but I know this to be true

So I'm crying, no I don't blame you

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