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Revolution On Tv

This song is by Shannon Murray.

All the poets that surround me are damned damned damned

But what they see holy imagery

Our only power to intercede

In the TV screen talking head scene

Yeah the mind control of this media machine is 500 years deep here

And every sub/counter culture has been bought and sold

And cross marketing it is the only way to go

We all drink Che cola and wear fight the system ts

We're all watching it play by play on our new television screens

Yeah the revolution is televised widely advertised

Clever marketing schemes on that idealized dream

And if the masses want their self destruction who am I to say

Distrust your tv screens distrust authority

And brand name anything

Socially we think we are so advanced everyone is a practitioner of PC

While behind our backs we're buying tickets to that Hollywood comedy

And we laugh at rape laugh at violence laugh at hate

Because laughter is the best medicine to keep us doped up and unenlightened

Meanwhile we let the conservative right-wingers

Put the queers through their righteous voting poll ringers

While we sit at home and watch TV so we know what to wear how to think

What to do if our neighbor starts looking like a terrorist

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