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This song is by Shannon Murray and appears on the album Shannon Murray (2002).

As I walk down this lonely street I see you with me;
You're everywhere:
In every coffee shop window
Pale blue reflections of you.
They say you died a year ago but I still hold you
In that bed of ours.
You are the fire that warms me;
It's winter and my toes are freezing

You must be invisible you are the color of the air.
You must be invisible I can still feel you there,
Something in the way the wind touches my hair.
You must be invisible I still feel you there.

You haven't died that's just a lie I tell myself at night.
Its easier that way,
Than to hear that you just don't want me
Than to know that you just don't love me.
If I was invisible could you see my tears.
If I was invisible would I still have these fears
That I'll be alone all my life.
If I was invisible could you still see my tears.

When will you come back to life back in my life?
I need you.
I just can't do this without you.
I'm weak and I need your strength.

I hear you can become invisible by holding your breath.
I hear it is something they all call death.
I just hope it doesn't take too long.
If I was invisible could you still hear my song.

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