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This song is by Shannon Hurley and appears on the album Ready to Wake Up (2007).

I can hardly say the words
The truth has found me out
You would always lift me up
Well I have let you down
I tried to hold it in
Mistakes I hid were so real

I'm retracing every step
To see what I did wrong
I can't look you in the eye
For fear of what I've done
My world is closing in
While your faith disappears

Every single word I ever said
Is going round in my head
We can't go back to how we used to be
And I don't get no rest
Because shame won't let me be (won't let me be)
Shame won't let me be

Everything was easy then
And you made me feel at home
Now I have to let you go
And I'm standing here alone
I miss those carefree days
But trouble was soon on its way

I'm sorry
It tears me apart
That I hurt you
I've broken your heart
I must leave here
Don't try to find me
I'll be leaving soon
It's all I can do
Because shame won't let me be

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