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I Can't Wait To Miss You

This song is by Shannon Curfman and appears on the album Fast Lane Addiction (2007).

Two steps on the bible but you'll never find out
You gotta heart fulla sorrow and your head stuck in the clouds
Say your still too young to care about what they say
You've always been so quick to turn and run the other way

I'm about ready for the change
I thought it'd be so hard to see life after today

And I can't wait to miss you

You think you got an angel sent from above
But she's riding on a pale horse, and if that ain't enough
Oh you got it running in circles looking for the tip of your tongue
Just don't complain for me, when the damage is done

I knew it was just a matter of time
But I can't keep up, just walking the line

The way the smoke smells in your hair
Pieces of you everywhere
How you never seem to care... oh baby baby