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This song is by Shane Owens and appears on the album LetS Get On It (2005).

I love your redneck, baby
She's got an airbrushed tag on the front of her Iroc
A center transmission with 8 ball gear shift knowb
Sub woofers kicking Back in Black
She has cut off shorts with the fringe hanging down
Stiletto high heels tapping on the ground
Keeping time with the beat of my heart
Spends every Sunday at the dirt track
But she gets would up and he's standing back
She's hotter than a hayloft
She's cuter than a newborn blue tick hound
Likes to take her clothes off and go skinny dipping when there's no one around
I love kissin' on her... I love kissin' on her... Redneck
She's got frizzed out hair yeah, a white trashed blonde
Mid-drift shirt with a belly chain on
Dark blue eye shadow, glossy red lips
She's a part time nail technician a little high maintenance
But loves the attention from me
I can't give her enough
I bbet you when she walks in the room
That you'll have sweat dripping off of you
I love kissin' on her... I love kissin' on her... Redneck!

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