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Onto Something Baby

This song is by Shane Owens and appears on the album LetS Get On It (2005).

We can talk all night long on the telephone
Send each other flowers and dream away the hours
Until we're alone
You can make me laugh I can make you blush
We're acting like school kids caught up in a teenage crush
I think we're onto something baby
And I don't mean maybe
I might be thinking crazy
But I've been thinking lately that it's love
Kinda scary, kind of funny
I get butterfly tummy
The future's looking sunny
We're right on the money
We're onto something honey
She likes the way I look
In my boots and jeans
It doesn't matter what she's wearing
I can't keep from staring
She's a living dream
I like the way it feels
With her lips on mine
I hate to take her home
But I love the way we kiss goodnight
We're onto something honey!

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