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Breath Of God

This song is by Shane & Shane and appears on the album Psalms (2001).

A life you cannot define
A purpose that's benign
They need to see and believe
Be led to the rugged tree

The one on which he cried not for his pain but for our debt
The very same tree that He conquered death
It was an unfair deal on the part of Christ
He got my sin, I got eternal life

Make me the breath of God
And I'll show them the One that means the most to me
They'll see the face of love
Be touched by the very one who died upon the tree

Small talk is a better choice
A way to avoid Your voice
I need to feel the dust on my knees
And lead them to the tree

Will you follow Me, lead them to the tree
Can't you just believe, will you take a knee for eternity

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