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This song is by Shandon and appears on the album Nice Try (1998).

Yeah oh yeah I'm havin't fun today
Yeah oh yeah I know I can never fail
'Cause I'm the hero of the day super hero on the stage
Beatin' people slapin' face
I am the strongest man on this fuckin' world
And you'll get what you deserve
Because my hands can only give fists
Gorilla's body and intelligence quotient too
I'll move faster than you, you can bet on it
Yeah oh yeah I am a lucky man
Yeah oh yeah I trust in my biceps
Beatin' people is my job and when I do feel like God
Legal violence goes on I am the leader actor of this funny shame
And I don't fell ashamed I cannot even make one and one
Like a stupid child I'm makin' joke of you
And I will hide the truth:I'm poor idiot!

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