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One Life

This song is by Shaman and appears on the album Immortal (2007).

Sunlight, a new day is rising
Calling me healing me...
I know, the brightness is the path to the knowledge locked inside life.

Why? Why some of us hear this voice?
Even when it's to low...
Shows where all begins...

Nothing just goes on this line,
I can feel it strength flows!

Up, down and back to the start
An endless full circle!

Beyond our mind and our soul
Is where lies all control

A Lifetime in a flash breeding time
Always and never aligns.

Suns of this fusion
Living here dreams from tomorrow.
Made by the fire
Of the ages!

In this universe
Through this ancient way...
All kinds of life are the same.
In this timeline
Throught this spiral space
All things united as just one... As one life!

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