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The Darker Side Of Truth

This song is by Shallow Water Grave and appears on the album Suspension Of Disbelief (2006).

Humanity has failed us all, we've strayed from our past. It's far too late to save yourself, you've dug a grave in which you must lie. Held true to nothing. Broke your promise again and again. Had your chance to make good in this world, but you ruined it instead so now we're gonna take it back.

The immoral have overrun the earth, leaving a trail of their indignities. Is this the end of the endless fight, or the beginning of more contempt to breed? Although it may seem as though heaven in near, make no mistake... this is hell.

The immoral have overrun the earth, leaving a trailof their iniquities. We can't let them take control, but rather stand up and face our enemies. Don't live a clandestine existence hiding from the terrors of the world. We've got to make a stand to make a change and then the world will be ours again.

This means war.

Assert yourself and make this world your own. Don't fall prey to the tragedy it has become. Look in your heart, it's there and you will find the truth. Do what's right by yourself and you've nothing to lose.

It takes but one to make a change, we could start a new we could start again. Indecency must not run out lives. Take it back

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