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Sacred Heart (1989)Edit

Shakespear's Sister - Sacred Heart
Sacred Heart
  1. Heroine
  2. Run Silent
  3. Dirty Mind
  4. Sacred Heart
  5. Heaven Is In Your Arms
  6. Twist The Knife
  7. You're History
  8. Break My Heart
  9. Red Rocket
  10. Electric Moon
  11. Primitive Love
  12. Could You Be Loved
  13. You Made Me Come To This

Hormonally Yours (1992)Edit

Shakespear's Sister - Hormonally Yours
Hormonally Yours
  1. Goodbye Cruel World
  2. I Don't Care
  3. My 16th Apology
  4. Are We In Love Yet
  5. Emotional Thing
  6. Stay
  7. Black Sky
  8. The Trouble With Andre
  9. Moonchild
  10. Catwoman
  11. Let Me Entertain You
  12. Hello (Turn Your Radio On)

#3 (2003)Edit

Shakespears Sister - Number 3
Number 3
  1. Go
  2. I Can Drive
  3. Do I Scare You?
  4. Opportunity Knockers
  5. Can U Wait (That Long)
  6. Oh Dear
  7. Excuse Me John
  8. The Older Sister
  9. Singles Party
  10. I Never Could Sing

The Best Of Shakespear's Sister (2004)Edit

Shakespear's Sister - The Best Of Shakespear's Sister
The Best Of Shakespear's Sister
  1. You're History
  2. Heroine
  3. Break My Heart
  4. Dirty Mind
  5. Waiting
  6. Goodbye Cruel World
  7. Stay
  8. I Don't Care
  9. Hello (Turn Your Radio On)
  10. I Can Drive
  11. Excuse Me John
  12. Can U Wait (That Long)
  13. Do I Scare You
  14. White Rabbit
  15. Was It Something I Said?

Other SongsEdit

  1. You Made Me Come To This
  2. Bad Blood
  3. Bitter Pill
  4. Dial F For Freedom
  5. I'll Be Your Mirror
  6. Pulsatron
  7. That Emotional Thing

Additional information

Artist information:

Shakespears Sister

Also known as:

Shakespear's SistersShakespeare's SisterShakespeares SisterShakespears Sisters

Years active:

1988–1996, 2009–present

Band members:
  • Siobhan Fahey (1988-?)
Former members:
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