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​To Protest the Way

This song is by Shake Your Peace! and appears on the album Sing It As You Please (2006).

Woke up today to protest the war
Grabbed my harmonica and ran out the door
Feathers in my hair to protest the war
And I'm shaking my peace till my peace gets sore!

Walking down the street to protest the war
Walking like America's my freedom dance floor
Kiss my lovey... to protest the war!
Then I rolled down the grass hill by the grocery store (why not?)

We were screaming: "Who's streets? Our streets!"
I saw an old Jewish grandma getting beat
And then the cops, they jerked me off my feet
Thought I came out today to protest the war, but...
1- I'm just gasping/ 2- now I'm fighting for my freedom of speech
I didn't come to fight with the NYPD

Riot cuffs are on my wrists, they're making it a show
They're spraying mace into the crowd as they scream "Let him go!"
Though their badges have eagles they throw my feathers in the gutter
I say "I can't feel my fingers" so they make the cuffs tighter

Then they take us all to jail and ask good terrorist hunting questions
Like: "Tell me who you voted for in the last election."
And "Which one of these 500,000 people told you about this secret insurrection?"
And "Don't you love America and respect The Constitution and its sections?!?!"

So now I gotta new way to protest the war
So the NYPD redcoats don't put me behind bars... again
"Who's troops? Their troops!" No I'll tell you whose they are
Every activist and lefty who still drives a stinking car

So now I'm going to the beach to protest the war
Where redcoats' tea was once thrown in the harbor
We don't need their hammers to build a new floor
We're doing it ourselves: We're making salt on the shore!