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Time Trap

This song is by Shakary and appears on the album ALYA (2000).

The book is open, the hand is ready,
The feather is going to write with golden ink:
The trap in the sky is now open, the voice says:
"Follow me up there, I'll show you the visions."

I don't wanna go,
I don't wanna follow you,
I want to stay,
Dreaming of your star name;
I want to stay beside you,
Even if I hate you,
Like one hates
Awaking after a restless night.

The throne is surrounded by Twenty-Four
Seven torches in front of a crystal sea;
Four living begins with thousand eyes.
A lion, a bull, one man and an eagle.

In the hand of the rainbow there's a parchment,
Closed with seven seals and by the power of God;
"Who will be able to open this book?"
Only one can break them: the lamb of the Lord.

I don't wanna stay,
I wish to turn back,
Down there, where I can see you,
Hidden away;
To spy you in the brightness
Of your lonely nights,
And expecting your awaking into another day.

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