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The Last Drink

This song is by Shakary and appears on the album ALYA (2000).

From the bottom of my last drink,
I recall you as a black hole;
You absorbed all energy and light,
Star devourer, to feel yourself stronger.

I remember those winter mountains,
Where snow was our accomplice;
In our games of illusive happiness,
The thirst of our bodies betrayed us.

Why did I hate you? Why did I hurt you?
It was my pride defeating you;
I want to get out of this damned armour,
Now I want to turn back and beg your pardon.

I remember hopeful nights,
All the hours joined through wire;
Embraced all night in your useless fears,
Blinded by our races on the rainbow.

I remember my open-eyed dreams;
Visions that buried all reality;
I made love to you...
Like two animals wich are going to die.

Why did I do all this? Why did I read those lines?
Did I really want to destroy you?
Or did I simply want to escape?
Now it's too late, I guess,
I wish to turn back on the stage to beg your pardon.

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