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The First Inquisition

This song is by Shakary and appears on the album ALYA (2000).

"And so the seven angels
Prepare themselves,
To blow the seven trumpets."

My memories are confused,
Images are fighting one another;
Falling stars and summer storms,
Stained glass windows of antique cathedrals.

I don't know whether go on with the struggle,
Walking on the crest of this fate;
Or if I have to blow the first trumpet,
And damn you for your beauty.

The storm of hail and fire
Is unleashed over innocent's hearts;
All eyes will be burnt out,
Only I will still admire your body.

You betrayed me! You fooled me,
Using my fidelity for your vices;
The second trumpet blows,
I burn the blood in your veins.

The firing mountain falls into the sea,
Water explodes in the gills of the fishes;
It is hard to breathe for you,
You can't burst of joy anymore.

With your words I became your Joker,
Too many promises spin a dark web;
The blare of the next trumpet,
To snatch your snake tongue.

The bright star "Absinth" is falling,
All shining sources become bitter;
Your throat is tightening from pain,
Preventing you from speaking.

You forced me to see the world,
Through the lenses of your eyes;
I want to be a seagull again,
And for this I blow the fourth one:

The moon eclipses the sun,
One star eclipses the moon;
Darkness cloaks the world,
And your eyes are open on the deepest night.

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