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This song is by Shakary and appears on the album ALYA (2000).

The train runs on it's track through the night of fear,
Your cry of despair makes me fly towards your burrow;
To lick your wounds and to drive out your nightmare,
But who will cure my injuries? Who will be my nurse?

The fifth trumpet blows: the falling star carries the key,
To open the underground, the black pit appears;
A mist of locusts with the order to wound the sinners,
Will hurt you and for one season you will agonize.

The tick-tock of the seconds ring loudly in my ears,
The phone doesn't ring. I ran out of cigarettes;
I won't hear your voice anymore,
To get rid of your chains of false illusions.

Under the next blow the four death angels break free,
Carrying destruction an holocaust;
I have to take the book from the fire's hands:
"Your still have a long way, my friend!"

I'm waiting for the Best to rise from the underground,
The great foe, my greatest ally:
I will merge with him, we will become one,
To slip into your mind and sentence you!

I remember winter of distant '88,
You angel loomed up in front of that cup of coffee,
The verdict is established,
The sentence is going to fulfill,
I won over you, I killed you...
But I killed myself too.

The last trumpet is sweet like honey,
The choirs announce the coming of the Lord;
I have to escape into the darkest part of the universe.
I'm your fallen angel: I am the Antichrist!

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