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This song is by Shakary and appears on the album ALYA (2000).

The first is for the glory!
A white-horsed knight with a bow and a crown;
The smile, the hope of flying with you.

Concealed in the shadow of my heartbeat,
The eagle kills the mouse!
The second is for the war!
A red-horsed knight with a sword and the fire;
The rage, the desire of fighting for you,
Pretending to be your fairy-tale prince,
The wolf slaughters the sheep,
The next is for unfairness!
A black-horsed knight, the balance with a sharp tongue;
Questions of a newborn child: why are you so fake?
Your eyes sparkles with thousand reflections,
The chameleon changing forever face.

Maybe one day you will close your eyes,
And read our scribbles on the blackboard;
The schoolboy will wipe it all away,
And you will write a new story.

The fourth is for the death!
An ash-horsed knight followed by
The army of the dead;
They are my soldiers, drowned in this glass of Whisky,
I'll send them back in your heart to kill your vanity,
The shark eats the sole.
The fifth seal is for the martyrs!
The fallen ones curse for justice
Under rainbow's altar,
You can't destroy my crystal castle,
The drawbridge is lifted, the main door is shot.

The larva is safe in it's cocoon.
The following one is for the hypocrites!
Earthquake: sun and moon are fading, the sky opens;
The poison of your illusions runs in my blood,
But I'll cut my wrists and wash the wounds,
The rattlesnake poisons the marmot.

Maybe one day you will open your eyes,
And stare at the storm destroying you;
The captain looks for the safest shore,
And you'll look for my security.

Four angels at the edges of the world,
Block the wheel of the great machine,
Waiting for the coming of the Dove
The fifth angel appears in the east,
And choose the marked soldiers to hurt you.

The last seal is for you!
The seven trumpets will burn your body and soul;
To make you revive, my love,
Like a newborn being;
The caterpillar will be turned to butterfly.

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