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New Angels

This song is by Shakary and appears on the album ALYA (2000).

The waitress still flirts with her memories,
Disguised in other night adventures;
The man is still beside me, he speaks
And now I understand:
"Take the feather and write the end!"

The glass is empty, the cigarette... put out,
Alya, you really went away... and all for my fault;
But is there a way to find you, you again, hated star?
"You've got nothing else to do
Than slip into your heart."

"Follow me, I show you the bride of the Lamb."
I see the New Jerusalem;
The Holy Town sent by the Lord,
The drawbridge is lowering,
For us, reborn angels welcomed in paradise.

I turn the corner and under the light of false illusion:
Alya, you returned, more beautiful than ever;
The butterfly has finally taken off for the flight,
In the open skies and the sparkling nights,
Your wings will carry you far away...

"The grace of the Lord,
Shall be with all of you.

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