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Lost Angels

This song is by Shakary and appears on the album ALYA (2000).

I remember your presence,
Alya, angel loomed up in front of a cup of coffee,
Your face invaded like an avalanche
My broken heart full of abysmal pain,
And buried all with new sweetness.

The smoke of my cigarette
Draws antique symbols and old hopes,
In front of my tired eyes;
And it joins us in a single breath,
We, fallen angels hunted out of paradise.

Through the mist of this red night,
I see a man beside me;
He speaks, but I don't understand,
I only see his lost eyes,
Far away in time, but close for a glimpse.

"Don't be afraid!
I am the First and the Last,
I am the Living One. I was dead, but now I live;
I keep death in my hands,
The underworld is in my power."

Turning around I see seven golden candlesticks,
In the twilight of the seven colours stands a man;
His eyes scorch like fire,
His voice echoes like thunder,
His right hand keeps seven stars.

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