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Alya (Alternative Version)

This song is by Shakary.

The stage is plunged in the light of thousand flashes,
The music roars with the power of thunder;
I inject my words with their lethal poison,
Right under your skin.

The audience is empty and soulless,
Thousands of faces, all the same;
The poison is showing it's effect,
"You believe it once again!"

Alya, like that morning in spring,
When the sun shone only for us;
Alya, like that night in the autumn,
When the stars exploded only for us.

The songs I sing aren't mine,
The words seems so far away;
This poet is simply another fallen angel,
I don't care of the Apocalypse!

I want to leave this modern arena,
Before the crowd will tear me into pieces;
I want to stop singing this falsehood,
I want to dream my own poems.

Alya, like that summer afternoon,
When we flew to the great town;
Alya, like that cold winter night,
Why did you leave me?

I go on, eluding you, people,
I inject my shining lies,
Into your open hearts;
And if I have really to kill you one more time,
I don't care.

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