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I Don't Wanna Be Alone (Remix)

This song is by Shai.

(Feat. Jay-Z)

(Uh) uh (uh) uh (uh) Ha (with the remix)
Jigga (Doo doo dooo) feel the funk Marley Mal (Shai)
(Doo doo dooo) uh huh
Uh ha (Doo doo dooo) uh ha, (Doo doo dooo)
Ha ha.

At times you could find me in the city sinnin'
Or in a studio touchin' the track up like pretty women
Spittin' venom with the snake skins &
Apply the pressure to you and ya mens &
Damage I do career endin'
Y'all know what I'm representin' funds
Extra low got a one on a tent next to dough
Y'all best to know I'm not alone My,
Music menage trois with Shai & I ha ha

Girl it's been been so long girl without you (say what)
And I swear I hate livin' without you (uh huh)
With some peace of mind I've been confined without you
Tomorrow won't come
If I spend the night without you (uh uh uh check it)
Every one for this love thang I'm feelin'
And I can't fight this urge that I'm feelin' (uh huh)
Baby can't ya see it's destiny I'm feelin'
Spend the night let me show you what I'm feelin' (Come on)

I don't want to be alone tonight
Why don't you stay with me?
When girl you said you'd never go
My baby don't you leave me

I'm on top of my game act like ya know
Think I didn't see the lame sneakin' in the back doorn (ha ha)
It's aiight he can come here for real
You aiight but I'm done here
I don't keep my ones here
It's unlikely that you see Waiki'
But if you slip up and hit up
We could split up
Playa hata not at all
I don't play those games
You got beef with Jigga?
Say my name, you shy?

Lately I seem to think I need someone
Of my own just to hold me is there someone
Who will stay with me forever be that someone (remix)
Always there thick and thin you're that someone (uh uh uh)

Oh baby stay
So baby won't you stay with me tonight
We can reach ecstacy
Girl we can both reach ecstacy all night

Let's get this show on the road
Cristal on the right I got the
Big Apple and it's smashed like cider
Rocka-fella and Shai money
Tryin' to see Guy money
They want a piece of ya love
I want at least a dub
Mail cakes bills straight what
Have we here Cartier ill faced
On the highway accompanied by a friend
First the Range then the Lex'
Then the buggy-eyed Benz Ahaa

I don't want to be alone (toonight)
I don't want to be alone (tonight)
I don't want to be alone (toonight)
I don't want to be alone (tonight tonight tonight tonight)

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