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Album by Shaggy.
  1. In the Summertime (featuring Rayvon)
  2. Boombastic
  3. Something Different (featuring Wayne Wonder)
  4. Forgive Them Father
  5. Heartbreak Suzie (featuring Gold Mine)
  6. Finger Smith
  7. Why You Treat Me So Bad (featuring Grand Puba)
  8. Woman a Pressure Me
  9. The Train is Coming (featuring Ken Boothe)
  10. Island Lover
  11. Day Oh
  12. Jenny (featuring Budda Junky Swan)
  13. How Much More
  14. Gal Yu a Pepper
  15. In the Summertime (Rayon & the Ripper Remix) (featuring Rayvon) (US bonus track)
  16. Boombastic (Sting Remix) (US bonus track)

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