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Pure Pleasure (1993)Edit

Shaggy - Pure Pleasure

Pure Pleasure

  1. Soon Be Done
  2. Give Thanks and Praise
  3. Lust
  4. Oh Carolina
  5. Tek Set
  6. Bedroom Bounty Hunter
  7. Nice and Lovely (featuring Rayvon)
  8. Love How Them Flex
  9. All Virgins
  10. Ah-E-A-Oh (featuring Sylva)
  11. It Bun Me
  12. Big Up (featuring Rayvon)
  13. Bow Wow Wow
  14. Follow Me
  15. Mampie
  16. Oh Carolina (Raas Bumba Claat Version)

Original Doberman (1994)Edit

Shaggy - Original Doberman

Original Doberman

  1. Kibbles and Bits
  2. Bullet-Proof Buddy
  3. We Never Danced to the Rub-a-Dub Sound (featuring Rayvon)
  4. Alimony
  5. Jump and Rock
  6. Chow (featuring Sugar Minott)
  7. P.H.A.T.
  8. Wild Fire (featuring Rayvon)
  9. Glamity Power
  10. Man a Yard
  11. Get Down to It (featuring Rayvon)
  12. Soldering
  13. Lately (featuring Rayvon)

Boombastic (1995)Edit

Shaggy - Boombastic


  1. In the Summertime (featuring Rayvon)
  2. Boombastic
  3. Something Different (featuring Wayne Wonder)
  4. Forgive Them Father
  5. Heartbreak Suzie (featuring Gold Mine)
  6. Finger Smith
  7. Why You Treat Me So Bad (featuring Grand Puba)
  8. Woman a Pressure Me
  9. The Train is Coming (featuring Ken Boothe)
  10. Island Lover
  11. Day Oh
  12. Jenny (featuring Budda Junky Swan)
  13. How Much More
  14. Gal Yu a Pepper
  15. In the Summertime (Rayon & the Ripper Remix) (featuring Rayvon) (US bonus track)
  16. Boombastic (Sting remix) (US bonus track)

Midnite Lover (1997)Edit

Shaggy - Midnite Lover

Midnite Lover

  1. My Dream
  2. Perfect Song (featuring Maxi Priest)
  3. Tender Love
  4. Geenie (featuring Brian And Tony Gold)
  5. Sexy Body Girls
  6. Piece of My Heart (featuring Marsha)
  7. Think Ah So It Go
  8. Midnite Lover
  9. Mission
  10. Way Back Home
  11. John Doe
  12. Thank You Lord (featuring Ky-Mani)

Hot Shot (2000)Edit

Shaggy - Hot Shot

Hot Shot

  1. Hot Shot
  2. Lonely Lover (featuring Prof. T)
  3. Dance & Shout (featuring Pee Wee)
  4. Leave It to Me
  5. Angel (featuring Rayvon)
  6. Hope (featuring Mister Mydas)
  7. Keep'n It Real
  8. Luv Me, Luv Me (featuring Samantha Cole)
  9. Freaky Girl (featuring The Kraft)
  10. It Wasn't Me (featuring Rikrok)
  11. Not Fair (featuring Rude)
  12. Hey Love
  13. Why Me Lord?
  14. Chica Bonita (featuring Rikrok)
  15. Joy You Bring (featuring Brian And Tony Gold) (UK Special Edition track)
  16. Why You Mad at Me? (UK Special Edition track)

Lucky Day (2002)Edit

Shaggy - Lucky Day

Lucky Day

  1. Shake Shake Shake
  2. Full Control (featuring Barrington Levy)
  3. Hookie Jookie
  4. Hey Sexy Lady (featuring Brian And Tony Gold)
  5. Get My Party On (featuring Chaka Khan)
  6. Lucky Day
  7. Strength of a Woman
  8. Lost (featuring Prince Mydas)
  9. Strange Love (featuring Mona)
  10. Leave Me Alone
  11. These Are the Lips (featuring Rikrok)
  12. Give Thanks
  13. Walking in My Shoes
  14. We Are the Ones
  15. Hey Sexy Lady (Original Sting International Mix) (featuring Sean Paul)
  16. Strength of a Woman (Graham Stack Remix Radio Edit) (US bonus track)
  17. High Beam (UK bonus track)

Clothes Drop (2005)Edit

Shaggy - Clothes Drop

Clothes Drop

  1. Clothes Drop
  2. Ready fi di Ride
  3. Broadway
  4. Wild 2nite (featuring Olivia)
  5. Back in the Days (featuring Rayvon)
  6. Supa Hypnotic (featuring Nicole Scherzinger)
  7. Would You Be (featuring Brian Thompson)
  8. Stand Up
  9. Repent
  10. Luv Me Up
  11. Ahead in Life
  12. Ultimatum (featuring Na'sha)
  13. Shut Up and Dance (featuring
  14. Don't Ask Her That (featuring Nicole Scherzinger)
  15. Road Block (featuring Rikrok)
  16. Gone With Angels
  17. Letter to My Kids
  18. Hold Me (Japanese bonus track)
  19. Goodie Goodie (UK bonus track)
  20. Sexy Gyal Whind (UK bonus track)

Intoxication (2007)Edit

Shaggy - Intoxication


  1. Can't Hold Me
  2. Bonafide Girl (featuring Rikrok and Tony Gold)
  3. Intoxication
  4. Those Days (featuring Na'sha)
  5. More Woman
  6. Woman Scorn
  7. Mad Mad World
  8. Out of Control (featuring Rayvon)
  9. Church Heathen
  10. Wear di Crown
  11. Criteria
  12. Body a Shake
  13. What's Love (featuring Akon)
  14. Holla at You
  15. All About Love
  16. Feel the Rush (Re-release bonus track)
  17. Reggae Vibes (Re-release and Japanese bonus track)
  18. It Wasn't Me (Re-release bonus track)
  19. What's Love (Big Boom Mix) (featuring Akon) (Re-release bonus track)
  20. Wrong Move (US iTunes, European, and Japanese bonus track)
  21. Who a Wear di Jacket (US iTunes bonus track)

Shaggy & Friends (2011)Edit

Shaggy - Shaggy & Friends

Shaggy & Friends

  1. Too Cute (featuring Ty-Arie)
  2. Good Times Roll (featuring Ty-Arie)
  3. Believer (featuring Jaiden)
  4. Everything You Need (featuring Shaun Pizzonia)
  5. Can't Fight This Feeling (featuring Chris Birch)
  6. Thank You (featuring Rikrok)
  7. Shaggy & Rayvon Show (featuring Rayvon)
  8. I'm Rebel (featuring Chris Birch)
  9. This Could Be Your Day (featuring Brian And Tony Gold)
  10. I'm Sorry (featuring Qwote)
  11. Holla at You (featuring D-Lynx)
  12. Gal Roll (featuring D-Lynx)
  13. You See Him Face (featuring Chris Martin)
  14. Needle Eye (featuring Rayvon)

Summer in Kingston (2011)Edit

Shaggy - Summer In Kingston

Summer In Kingston

  1. Just Another Girl (featuring Tarrus Riley)
  2. Sugarcane
  3. Dame (featuring Celine)
  4. Feeling Alive (featuring Agent Sasco)
  5. End of the World (Drink Up)
  6. Soldiers Story (featuring Jaiden)
  7. Fired Up (Fuck the Rece$$ion!) (featuring Pitbull)
  8. The Only One (Lie to Me) (featuring Jaiden)
  9. She Gives Me Love (featuring Sly & Robbie) (Lava edition track)
  10. Hurting (Lava edition track)

44/876 (2018)Edit

Sting & Shaggy - 44876


  1. 44/876 (featuring Morgan Heritage and Aidonia)
  2. Morning is Coming
  3. Waiting for the Break of Day
  4. Gotta Get Back My Baby
  5. Don't Make Me Wait
  6. Just One Lifetime
  7. 22nd Street
  8. Dreaming in the U.S.A.
  9. Crooked Tree
  10. To Love and Be Loved
  11. Sad Trombone
  12. Night Shift
Bonus tracks
  1. If You Can't Find Love
  2. Love Changes Everything
  3. 16 Fathoms

Songs on Compilations and SoundtracksEdit

Songs featuring ShaggyEdit

Other SongsEdit

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  1. All We Need Is Love
  2. Baby I Need Your Lovin
  3. Can You Make Me
  4. Can't Get You Out Of My Head
  5. Christmas In Jamaica
  6. Downtown
  7. Feel Like Makin Love
  8. Fly High
  9. Get Up Stand Up
  10. Girl You're My Angel
  11. Gweh
  12. Habibi (I Need Your Love)
  13. Happiness
  14. Hey Sexy Lady (Dancehall Refix)
  15. Hope (Dukes Mix)
  16. It Wasn't Me (Remix)
  17. It Wasn't Me (The Cartel Mix)
  18. Keep Cool
  19. Keep'n It Real (Swingers Mix)
  20. Like A Superstar
  21. Me Julie
  22. My Angel
  23. Mysterious Girl
  24. Shaking The Tree
  25. She's Mine
  26. Take Time To Love
  27. The Game Of Love And Unity
  28. Wasn't Me
  29. You Girl
  30. Skank Up (Oh Lawd) (with Sting and Ding Dong)

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