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Love Me Koala

This song is by Shael Riley and appears on the album Toybox (2005).

Every single night I drink alone
And if I couldn't I would just die.

I'm always waiting by the telephone
For a girl I met online.

And I know the competition is stiff
But I want to be the one who gets to
Hit that shit, yeah.

I'm such a sensative emo boy
Every night. That's why I cry.

Love me Koala.
You gotta
Shove me, Koala.

You wanna.
You know you oughta.
Let's make a daughter.

Flick me Koala.
You gotta,
Trick me, Koala.

You know you oughta,
Let's make it.
Do, do, do me all night.

I love her for her personality,
Even though I only know her from her
Naked pictures.

An instant messaging reality,
Where I can be on more than your buddy list.

My little brother's building her a shrine.
She's telling all my friends that I'm a
Foul-mouthed redneck.

She hurt my feelings and they locked my thread,
But at least a girl is talking to me,
So I let it go.

Joe Cam Koala,
You gotta,
Goddamn Koala.

I'm wise to your tricks.
You'll get me banned from VG Mix.

Bust in Koala,
You gotta,
Mussed in Koala.

My name is Roger.
Let's make it.
Do, do, do me all night.

I'll go outside today.
I'm gonna get offline today.
Think I can try today.

Or not.

Love me Koala,
You gotta,
Shove me Koala.
You oughta.

You know you oughta,
Let's make it last bitch.

Do, do, do me all night.

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