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Kissing A Memory

This song is by Shady View Terrace and appears on the album Shady View Terrace/The Lawrence Arms (2001).

What happened to late nights?
I'd sneak in your window to sleep by your side.
Hugging and kissing, when no one was looking,
I lived for that smile. It's gone.
When all I kiss is a memory when all I hold is my dreams.
(Dreams that you gave me... till they died)
When all I kiss is a memory.
When I hold is my dreams.
(These days can make somebody die.)
How can I wake the love you killed?
How can I make it better?
How can I make it without all of the little pieces that you ripped out of me?
When will you claim your prize?
Kissing your face as you kissed a place that was yours...
I gave you everything, you took it all.
I'll never give my heart away the way that I gave it to you!