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This song is by Shadows Of Steel and appears on the album Shadows of Steel (1997).

Always living in my dream
Still I'm waiting here
There's a blowing wind
I hear you're calling
See the point of no return
There's no way I know
Try to understand my lonely tale
Heaven is my dream
All your love is still in my heart
Hell is arising and you know
I'll never leave the place where I live
Heaven is waiting
Will I find the way to follow
Princess of my dream
I will let the hawk in you will fly
I'm living in winterland but
I never meant to stay
Living in winterland
Dying again and again
Living in winterland
No, it's not the place for me
(Solo: Andre La Fisic)
Now it's getting dark again
It's a rainy day
Don't you understand
No one can try to fly away

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