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​The Caliban

This song is by Sforzando and appears on the album We Sail Away (1997).

She sailed away on a pirate ship and said she'd be a year, but six of them has passed and she hasn't reappeared.
The papers went searching but her fate was never learnt.
She sent me a letter from Pireus but her ship never returned.
And the waves crash across the rocks that wear away as I look out to the ocean for a sign of "The Caliban".
"The Caliban" was sighted at the rape of Lucretia.
A blind and toothless leper claimed he heard her in Ithaca.
The Gorgons say she passed them on the way to the Trojan War the sayed, "her trasures were big, her crew were fat and they were drunk on ol'ichor".
At the birth of Aphrodite a ship was seen to pose a threat to the jewels that were bestowed upon the Goddess of love and it's death.
So the armies of Olympus chased it out to Vrahati, Achilles remembers it's name as being "The Caravan of fear".
Don't go messing with a pirate woman.
Don't go loving no pirate woman.
Don't go marrying a pirate woman 'cause they love you, and they leave you
- They love you and leave you, that's a pirate woman!
For six years I been piratin' 'cross this filthy ocean mess.
I've killed a man for a ten cent piece and I've killed a woman for less.
I'm sure that I'll go another six years but I miss my husband so.
I'll blow him a kiss across the seas and hope that he'll know.
At night I lay awaiting, sweating in my bed. For though she's been missing for years I sense that she's not dead.
My heart is cold and weary, my emotions whitered and burned.
She blew me a kiss from the Isle of Crete but her ship never returned.