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​Fall In Line

This song is by Seventh Wonder and appears on the album Mercy Falls (2008).

I have read signs and the warnings
I'm telling you our destiny is here, destination nowhere
Pain will follow (it will follow) destination known
Mercy Falls is in its way

We need to run for cover what will you do?

Come! We must unite to save our town
Raise a shelter! Where?
Well, look at your way, did you find
Did you find an opening here?
Look everywhere, wrap their arms around your neck
Shelter them!

Won't let you die my love
My heart is pumping harder every beat
Don't worry - I will keep you safe and warm

So stand!
The storm is on the way, united we all stay
Every able man must fall in line
It's true - every man!

Come - we all must go down to the square
Something big is up!
I've realized that the Evening Post was right!
The storm is coming, oh - God save our town
- Just like everyone in the town was here
You better believe my words
When I say that the men were in fear
And every woman and child

And I will dry your tears
My arms will carry you
Regardless of what's coming next
We will escape the pain

Hear! The steps of fate grow clear
The town will stand its ground
Hold tight and make your plight - and stand!

The storm is on the way, united we all stay
Every single able man has fallen in line to prepare...
- Yes every man