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Break The Silence

This song is by Seventh Wonder and appears on the album Mercy Falls (2008).

I think about love and the things that I've done
A heart open wide and I stabbed a knife
How could I feel, the way that I felt?
I'd swear it was love and was heaven sent

You set me free, never cared for me...
I needed love, a touch from your hand
I need to feel you care

Then there he was, made me feel whole inside...
This burden of guilt tears me up
You must believe I tried

Is everyone here?
There is no need to feel any fear
We're handing out rations
Food and water, clothing, shelter...

- Bring all those left to me!
- Please understand in this cold wind
That blows that it's heavy

That lazy boy can help
There's no way you could make it through
I will not be patronized by you!
But my back may hurt so OK - bring it away!

I don't want to stray
Make sure you stay in front of me
(The rascal will steal)
Sheer desperation in her voice
Let the music play!
Let it go all the way

Join me - watching two souls seek for fire
In a world beyond the one we know
Yin and Yang, black and white
The colors fading
We're gonna break the silence
The fort, for the fire...

As they were walking somehow
They got into talking
Brings her own and mind back to times
When the fire burned inside

- What could he offer me?
Don't understand it
It's crazy, this old primadonna...
But the face in my mind is it her?
Can't shake these feelings within me

- We are close to home now any way
Thanks for the help, here's a dime
- Now off you go!

Now I gotta run
But something calls me back again
(Something draws me near)
Sheer desperation in my mind
Need to find out why
Have to get back again

Join me...

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